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Why Our strategy games Stand Apart

You call the shots. In Fall of Rome – true, turn based strategy games - you play when you want, strategy games as do your opponents. The only requirement is that each player chooses a time within each turn’s 72 hour period to enter their commands. You can do that in one sitting if you like, or in several intervals of as short a period as you have available at that time. In contrast, “real time strategy” (rts) games require all players to commit uninterrupted hours at the same exact time to play and complete one of their games.

You are treated like a client, not a credit card number. Most of our players are career minded adults: corporate executives, attorneys, software engineers, writers, military veterans, strategy games architects, entrepreneurs, technicians, teachers, doctors and graduate students are among our customers. Fall of Rome provides them with fun, interactive and challenging strategy games as a diversion that replaces a DVD rental or TV serial a couple times a week. Unlike those MMORPG’s, and the endless hours of clicking required to compete with adolescents and to eventually create a “viable” character, Fall of Rome is not geared to be a second job. And when you need support from our customer service team, you’ll get it promptly and courteously from a live person.

You can play our strategy games anywhere you wish that you have an internet connection. Our strategy games are hosted strategy games on our secure servers, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to play while away from your home computer: wherever you sign in the game will be exactly as you last left it, whether at home, office, or on the road. Fall of Rome does not require you to visit a store and buy the game for $59.95 and spend time installing it on the one PC those games will ever allow you to play it on. The software for our strategy games is provided free!

Your actions change the world in Fall of Rome. strategy games These are competitive strategy games with twelve players all trying to win, or at least do as well as they can in any particular game. This is not a MMORPG where most actions your character takes affect to no one other than you. It is a competitive game with a maximum duration of 24 turns, so a little over two months duration for any one campaign. Our strategy games have profound replay value: each game has its own unique character and flavor, as each of the twelve kingdoms provides a different playing experience, and the variety of strategies employed by the cast of players in each campaign of Fall of Rome. It is truly an experience you can cherish for years to come.

Fall of Rome is a challenging, competitive strategy game with each of its 24 turns filled with action and conflict from the first. That in itself provides value you don’t see in other online strategy games, but there’s more. Each turn, you will experience tension, intrigue, suspicion, and at some point, with skill and courage, the thrill of victory! Your in-game persona will establish a reputation as chivalrous or diabolical, according to the legend your style of play generates. Your first days of Fall of Rome are free, just a valid email that you check daily is required. After your free trial, like thousands of others, you will have come to embrace the wonderful experience Fall of Rome provides and see that just $8.95 monthly is an incredible value. Sign Up now!

strategy games Still hesitating? Try Centurion, our mini strategy games that are played in about an hour, by clicking on the link. No credit card is required. In Centurion, you can jump right in to get an idea for our strategy games interface, map, playing pieces, and how turns are run, and it’s fun! Centurion strategy games can’t offer nearly the depth of Fall of Rome, but you’ll fight battles and learn a bit about the Fall of Rome game system. Centurion’s 9 minute turn cycle takes away most of the planning and negotiation integral to the play in its big-brother Fall of Rome, but even experienced players find it a beer & pretzels change of pace and can challenge their rivals to settle who is the better Warlord in one quick evening. Give it a go now at Centurion!

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Sign Up Now! | Play Presentation | Try the mini-game Centurion!



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