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  • An Engrossing, Fun, and Uniquely Styled Online Strategy Game

    You are the guiding spirit of a proud people. The last Roman Emperor of any consequence has been murdered by online strategy gameshis own bodyguards. Rome´s once invincible empire, spanning all Europe, has collapsed utterly. They who called you Barbarian now flee in terror before your warriors and those of the other tribes, desperate for refuge in distant Constantinople. This is the dawn of the Dark Ages for Romans, but things are looking bright for you! The Day is ripe with opportunity. Seize power and forge an empire from the power vacuum caused by the sudden collapse of Roman authority. Now is the time for boldness!

    Opposing you are eleven human rivals each seeking to outwit you, to defeat you on the fields of battle, to assassinate your leaders and claim for themselves the very throne you seek. Among these are players assuming the role of Attila the Hun, King Arthur of the Celts, and Alaric the Visigoth, sacker of Rome. (See the Kingdoms for information on the twelve positions and play the Presentation to see where they begin on the map.) At your disposal is your King, his Noble Court, the mysterious High Priestess, your potent armies and their fearless leaders, your den of covert agents, and your holdings of villages, towns, and someday soon, important cities. There are your assets: your playing pieces.

    Fall of Rome is an intriguing online Episodic Strategy Game that provides a rich, unique and nationally award winning gaming experience for adults who are looking for an engaging, interactive diversion - on their own terms. Many of our players cut their gaming teeth on multiplayer board games (Risk, Diplomacy, Axis & Allies, etc), war games (Avalon Hill, SPI, etc), or turn-based computer strategy games (Civilization, Heroes of Might & Magic, etc). What we do be best of all is combine what you like most in those genres in a new online multiplayer game style that obliterates the shortcomings of the games that came before Fall of Rome!

  • Critically Acclaimed

    Discover why Fall of Rome not only won the prestigious Origins Award for Game of the Year in 2005, but also why the internationally published reviews on our breakthrough episodic strategy games say this: “Heartiest Recommendation!”, “Thrilling!”, “Outstanding!”, “Immersive and addicting!”, “Highly Recommended”, “Deep game play and great community”, “No single strategy dominates”, “Surprising sophistication”, “Robust and finely detailed”, “A quantum leap” and “Imagination takes flight”, in describing the online multiplayer game of strategy that is Fall of Rome, from its engrossing game play to its helpful and friendly community of players and company support. Discover a whole new world of online strategy games! Click here to find our page with links to the complete reviews.

  • Featuring Terrific Game Play and Strategic Depth

    Our online strategy games feature more than 70 distinctly powerful and important military, political, economic, and covert missions. Based on your strategy and the current game situation, you choose more than a dozen of these each online war games episode and issue these commands to your characters and armies. Of course, your eleven opponents in any game (typically matched for similar playing experience to your own) are likewise formulating their own schemes for ultimate glory. You’ll send messages easily to your rivals and allies through the in-game messaging system, as frequently or rarely as you wish. You will strategize, and sometimes agonize, on the tough choices before you (which commands are best suited for your goals this episode?) and finally issue more than a dozen commands each episode that you deem most critical at that time. Issuing commands in Fall of Rome is a snap with our intuitive interface; the exquisitely devilish part is choosing which commands of all those available you will issue, guided by your strategy, alliances, expectations of your opponents upcoming moves, and the ever-shifting game developments each new episode brings. No boring stuff like lines of supply and repetitive tasks such as resource gathering to dilute the fun in Fall of Rome. That’s the sort of online strategy game play you can expect from us.

  • Designed for Adults

    online multiplayer games Episodic Strategy Games are about wits, not twitches. Reflexes mean nothing in Fall of Rome. Our games are the online strategy games for adults that, in some cases, may not like other online games because of the orientation of those “other” games: adolescent, repetitive, time draining, reflex oriented, and dependant upon splashy graphics instead of great game play. Your time is valuable. In Fall of Rome, you’ll likely spend an hour or two every three days, planning your strategy and if you choose, negotiating with your eleven human rivals in the game via the in-game messaging system. This is how you determine your character’s and kingdom’s role in creating the next episode: the decisions you make determine what impact your kingdom will have on the next episode. You then choose the time most convenient for you to “view” the episode in the next 72 hours, as well as to plan your ongoing role in that eagerly anticipated next episode. This means the game serves your schedule, rather than the other way around, as in other games.

    Become immersed in the interactive and challenging fun of being a powerful leader in our world, an experience you will remember and cherish for years. Many former opponents form new friendships with their old adversaries, at least those that proved trustworthy! No store to visit, no lengthy install, no worry of future patches to download. The game is hosted on our dedicated servers, it is always in the current version, and is playable anywhere you have an internet connection: home, office, laptop, friend’s house, or hotel.

  • Your Actions Change the World

    In Fall of Rome our scores of unique and powerful commands that are available for you to issue have many – sometimes dozens – of variables that influence the outcome of each mission. These decisive factors meld together to weave a story that is related to you each episode in full, descriptive sentences that explain not only what, but why actions succeed or fail. In Fall of Rome, your actions generate stories like the one below. See our Battle Reports for sample actual results from a Fall of Rome game. No two battle reports are ever the same! These reports are combined with a graphic user interface with colorful maps and playing pieces that together comprise the unique result and playing style of Fall of Rome – a breakthrough!

    Sweeping over the hills of Gaul, Attila galloped at the fore of his thundering horde of ten thousand Huns. Magnificent and terrible with both sun and wind at their back, each now prepares to charge the final gap to battle their foes. Ahead waits Arthur, King of the Celts, with his elite knights and heavy foot arrayed in a defensive position on the crest of a grassy hilltop. They are backed by the most renowned archers in all of Europe, The Seven Hundred. There, Arthur’s squire bolts toward him and reigns in his mount next to the white stallion of Arthur and delivers the incredible news. “Sire, your ploy was successful! Alaric, King of the Visigoths and sacker of Rome, has changed allegiance from Attila to your majesty! He rides now with his heavy cavalry from the south, not two miles from this spot.”

    In moments, the first fluttering, blood-red pennants of the legendary 1st Visigoth squadron are glimpsed by Attila off his left flank. He realizes instantly that he has been betrayed. Yet he, “The Scourge of God”, grins broadly, for now his eminent glory shall double! Waving the Sword of Mars furiously over his head he roars, “Send them to Hell!” The charge has begun! Digging his heels into the heaving flanks of his fabulous warhorse, he bolts directly at Arthur, his thundering horde all about him.

  • What Fall of Rome IS NOT

    Fall of Rome is NOT a shooter, a first person action game, a RTS (“real time strategy” – what an oxymoron!), or “massively” multiplayer, where your actions effect only you. Nor is Fall of Rome a “free” game – although at just $8.95 per month and no charge for setup or software, it is next to free. Payment is by major credit card, so your opponents will be adults, not adolescents, and our players about universally behave with maturity. We are the company looking to attract adults expecting great quality, no annoying pop-ups or gimmicks, and terrific customer service to go along with the best in online strategy game play.

  • A Tremendous Value

    You will be delighted to have finally found the quality episodic strategy games we provide. For about the price of a single movie ticket, you’ll get ten interactive episodes in Fall of Rome, likely more than ten hours of unique entertainment each month. No retail purchase required, the software is provided free! Enjoy our worlds for just $8.95 monthly! An unprecedented value for this game that is unlike anything else, anywhere. Like most of our players, you will most likely enjoy playing for years to come, once you have discovered the incredible quality and depth of play we provide for a pittance. Fall of Rome offers unparalleled replay value – each game is unique – and like any good strategy game from Chess on, your skill will improve as you gain experience and savvy. If somehow, dementia takes you and you choose not to continue, you can cancel our service easily in two clicks online – really! Why not Join now?

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Fall of Rome is proud to display the incredible illustrations of legendary artist Frank Frazetta, with his permission. All rights reserved by the artist. Please view his official gallery.

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