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"The Battle Cry!"

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August 20, 2013

We've changed processes for signup since relaunching Alamaze in April, 2013.  Now, to sign up for Fall of Rome, send an email to support@kingdomsofarcania.com with your name, in-game persona, and from your email that you check every day.

Fall of Rome is $12.95 monthly which includes virtually unlimited play (Victor service level), as well as access to Centurion, solo games, and custom games setup by our gamemaster. 

Fall of Rome is also available as an add-on to any Alamaze subscription.  Visit our Alamaze website at www.alamaze.co 


November 14, 2011

Fall of Rome now has the "instant ready" ability so players in either solo or up to 12 player games can advance the game as quickly as they like, rather than the traditional turn advancing at the deadline.  We also have added two new population center improvements: the Wooden Palisades, a defensive and status quo enhancement for villages, and the Castle, a powerful defensive and control enhancement to fortresses and citadels that also increases Influence and Rulership.

Work continues on the enhanced AI, as well as the new game varieties.

September 17, 2011

We have been going through a transition as we have migrated to Cloud Servers.  This has caused a disruption and as of today we haven't yet restored the forum. 

We are working on significant enhancements to the Fall of Rome experience, including unlimited play for three months for one low price, adding the Ready button and allowing both solo (against AI) and custom games, and a few other surprises as well.  Please be patient with us over the next couple weeks and we think you'll like what we put out next!

August 24, 2011

After nearly a year and a half of successful Fall of Rome II game play, including private, customized Epic Games between fierce rivals, we are adding the newest twist to Fall of Rome.

We are implementing the Centurion-styled "Ready" button to Fall of Rome, enabling games to proceed as quickly as the players in the game like, rather than the static 72 hour turnaround we have had up until now.

We are also moving away from the monthly subscription and Service Level arrangement, and accepting a one-time payment of $24.95 through PayPal that provides our players with virtually unlimited games and game options for three months or longer.

These changes will become effective within the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, we continue to make headway with the development of Kingdoms of Arcania, although its release is not yet scheduled.

May 26, 2010

We've now had several of the earliest Fall of Rome games reach their 30 turn completion.  Players have enjoyed both the three new kingdoms (Cimmerians, Romans and Scythians) as well as the changes and enhancements made to the established kingdoms.  Don't forget to get the word out that now Warrior Level Service provides twice the games for the same old price of $8.95 monthly.



Beware: The Newest Multiplayer Strategy Game is LIVE!

We're delighted the official launch of Fall of Rome II has happened and we've quickly started eight, new, 12 player games that are going along flawlessly. We want to make a few more website changes and then get the word out.  ENJOY and tell your friends!

March 10, 2010

The Ides of March (3/15) will be the official release date of Fall of Rome II, our brand new game featuring new kingdoms, new mercenaries, new Kingdom Advantages, longer game length, and about double the games for the same fee - Warrior Level Service, for example, now provides for TWO ongoing games of Fall of Rome II (was previously one game at a time). 

Our website will be updated to provide much more information on this exciting release by The Ides of March!



February 9, 2010

Fall of Rome II Beta testing is beginning.  We are excited about the new possibilities and strategies that are offered and look forward to our beta testers feedback.  We think this will go smoothly and we'll switch everything over to Fall of Rome II in the very near future.  This will also include increasing the allowed game count for every service level!



December 22, 2009

Fall of Rome II is coming soon!  Three new kingdoms, five new mercenary brigades, more artifacts, longer game length, and brand new Valhalla lists.  And more!  Stay tuned!

May 2, 2009

The winds of war blow strong. Soldiers prepare. Armies march. Generals plot.

You face decisions at every turn. Should you defend or attack? Should you dispatch your legions? Or should agents be unleashed upon your foes?

The Norse are at your heels. The Thuringians plot mischief. And the Huns eye your lands greedily. Are you your people's last and only hope??

Fall of Rome - Your chance at greatness!


February 20th, 2008

The urge for revenge is too great to allow to pass you by. Your enemies underestimate you, and now they must pay the piper. Slay them to the last man, m'Lord!

Nobles throughout your realm call for action. Your war council has been convened. Seize the moment, and march upon the lands of your enemies, Lord!

Your soldiers are ready. Your armies are able. Your generals are willing. Issue the command, m'Lord, and the war shall begin!

Sign up today! - Set destiny in motion!
February 14th, 2008

Instead of chocolates, wouldn't it be nice if your true love gave you something that you really desired?

What am I talking about? Man, I'm talking about the gift of war! I'm talking about laying the smackdown on some fool by dispatching troops, generals, and assassins to impose your will across Europe. I'm talking about working out a little frustration, barbarian style!

There's nothing wrong with flowers. There's nothing wrong with candy. But, isn't it just about time to start a new Valentine' Day tradition? That's what I'm talking about.

Fall of Rome - Because your true love is wargaming!

Sign up today! - You'll love yourself for it.
February 9th, 2008

Destiny beckons. Fate calls. Eternity awaits. Can you summon the courage to enter the fray of Campaigns of Centurion and lay claim to greatness?

Ahead of you? War. Assassins. Treachery. You must act NOW, lest all hope be lost! My God, man, what are you waiting for??

Such things can not be left to the likes of lesser men. Your people cry for you to save them from destruction. It is by your hand, and your hand alone, that victory shall be obtained!

Champion their cause, and try Fall of Rome, today!
February 5th, 2008
Across Europe, the Hand of Doom falls, as king and commoner alike meet their fate upon the fields of war. Some will live. Some will die. But, all will face the scourge of conflict!

Enemies abound. Allies are few. The stench of death is everywhere. Are you prepared to join the fray?

They have fought one another, but they have not fought you. There are men who will swear fealty to your cause. But, will you hesitate? Will you falter? Will you meet your untimely demise at the hands of some lesser foe?

Take measure of yourself. Muster your legions. Summon your courage. Prepare well. For many are they that oppose you!

Fall of Rome - Destiny calls!! Answer the call by signing up for Fall of Rome, today!


January 28rd, 2008

Enemy agents have infiltrated your kingdom. Foreign nobles have staked fraudulent claims to your lands. More recently, rumors have abounded of troops amassing along several of your nation's borders. Time is of the essence!

Ambassadors, governors, barons, counts, dukes, and princes turn to you for guidance. They wait to see what you will do. It is you who they will follow!

Your generals argue to strike first. Your high priestess assures you that you have the blessing of the gods. But, Fate is fickle. Decisive leadership can make the difference!

Make a decision. Try Fall of Rome, today! Your kingdom will love you for it!
January 23rd, 2008

Heathen lords have taken up arms. Their aim? To overthrow your throne. This is treason!

You are in close consultations with the nobles loyal to you. They are in agreement with you that something must be done. But what??

War is the only solution! It is time to conscript men, to raise armies, and to march upon your enemies before they can march upon you. Glory awaits!

This is no time to dawdle. All of Europe is at stake! The situation could not be more urgent.
January 21st, 2008

Curse those fools!! They dare to invade your lands. You will have their heads for this unprovoked outrage!

But, were you prepared for their onslaught? Or have they caught you napping? It is time to demonstrate why you are in command.

Dispatch your agents. Send forth your nobles. Have your armies march into the field. The hour of decision fast arrives.

Why not give Fall of Rome a try, and see for yourself why it is a thinking man's game, and not a contest of who has the fastest reflexes on a video game controller, mouse, or controller.
January 18th, 2008

The weight of the crown is heavy. The threats to your kingdom are many. Can you lead your armies to victory?

Your enemies gaze upon your towns and villages with greedy eyes. They want them. They intend to seize them and plunder them. They seek your doom!

But, destiny calls! It has marked you for glory. The choice, however, lies with you. Will you summon your courage? Or will destiny pass you by?

Fall of Rome - Destiny calls!! Answer the call by signing up for Fall of Rome, today!
January 15th, 2008

It is the year 2008, but let Fall of Rome take you back in time and place your hands upon the reigns of power.

Emissaries await your bidding. Agents await your orders. Entire armies await thy command!

Do not squander this opportunity to meet the destiny that is before you! Draw thy sword, and unleash the scourge of war across Europe. Let Hell be unleashed on thy command!


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