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The winds of war blow strong. The Huns are at your heels. The Scythians plot mischief. And the Cimmerians eye your lands greedily. Soldiers prepare. Armies march. Generals plot.
  • Three new kingdoms:

  • Five new mercenary types:

    • Sarmatian Knights;
    • Numidian Cavalry;
    • Parthian Archers;
    • Viking Raiders;
    • Catapult Battalions;

  • More Artifacts!

  • By popular demand, longer game length!

  • All new strategies!

You face decisions at every turn. Should you defend or attack? Should you dispatch your legions? Or should agents be unleashed upon your foes? What political rouse does this situation call for? What heros can be called upon to aid your cause?

Romans Cimmerians Scythians

Destiny beckons. Fate calls. Eternity awaits. Can you summon the courage to enter the fray of Fall of Rome and lay claim to greatness? Ahead of you? War. Assassins. Treachery. You must act NOW, lest all hope be lost!

My God, man, what are you waiting for??
  • Exciting and game-changing new Kingdom Advantages, such as Powerful Nobles, Military Caste, Spy Network, National Heritage, Warrior Blood, Horde and Charismatic Ruler;
  • More agents and more commands available, along with more initial resources;
  • The strategic options have increased significantly;
  • Become an Immortal. Start with a real chance at immortality: Valhalla has been reset for FoR II and everyone is beginning on equal footing with no victory points.
  • Increased server capacity means we now offer more games at a lower price. For example, the introductory Warrior Level Service, now provides two personal select games at a time (double the previous allowed), at just $8.95 monthly: incredible!
  • And of course, the same flawless game play and prompt, friendly customer service;
  • More Learning Aids! Fall of Rome is not a hack and slash: it’s Strategy for the Thinking Man. It’s not overly complicated: anyone capable of playing Axis & Allies or Magic the Gathering will embrace it. Fast twitch reflexes have no role here. We offer a variety of player assistance forms including:
    • The complete game rules and the Quick Start Guide presented online and also accessible from within the game;
    • In-game player mentors that are happy to answer all questions through in-game messaging;
    • Novice games (matching new players against each other);
    • Our friendly player community using The player forum;
    • Customer email support (support@kingdomsofarcania.com).
  • Learn the game and practice as much as you like in Centurion (free with your active account), our solo-player basic game where you learn the game interface and the military aspects of the game.
  • Everyone with an active Fall of Rome account will be invited to participate in the beta testing of the eagerly anticipated Kingdoms of Arcania!

Such things can not be left to the likes of lesser men. Your people cry for you to save them from destruction. It is by your hand and your hand alone, that victory shall be obtained! Make a decision. Play Fall of Rome II, today!

Your kingdom will love you for it

Log in to your existing account at http://fallofromegame.com/in.asp, or establish a new one. Establish yourself with Warrior Level Service in the just released Fall of Rome II at just $8.95 monthly (SSL certificate secured transactions with 256 bit encryption) and you'll also get a free game with a mentor in it to help answer any questions along the way! Meanwhile, you'll also be among the first people on the planet able to experience Kingdoms of Arcania. If you have any questions, please email them to us at: support@kingdomsofarcania.com.

Hark, destiny calls! It has marked you for glory. The choice, however, lies with you. Will you summon your courage? Or will destiny pass you by? Let Hell be unleashed on thy command!

Fall of Rome - Your chance at greatness!



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