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Characters are the lifeblood of Fall of Rome, as you would expect in an online rpg. online rpg Each character is of one or more of the following classes:

The King. online rpg Each kingdom has one character who is King. Each king is an historic figure and is profiled in the Kingdoms page of this site. The King is the most important character in this online rpg because he is the only character capable of executing a set of commands reserved for the king only, such as improving the popular reaction of the people of a region toward the kingdom. Additionally, Rulership and Influence, the primary indicator of the power of a kingdom’s nobles, is dependent on the king himself. If the King is slain, the highest-ranking noble becomes the new king. In this online rpg, the King is also a Leader, and in each kingdom begins with the rank of Marshal. All in all, the king is the primary figure through which players in our online rpg will role play their in-game persona.

Nobles. These are individuals in our online rpg with considerable clout from well-regarded family bloodlines. Nobles comprise the loyal court of each kingdom. In order of rank, from highest to lowest, the noble ranks are: Prince, Duke, Count, Baron, Provincial Governor, and Ambassador. The higher the rank, the more powerful the noble in this online rpg, but also the more expensive he is to use. Proper use of nobles is often key to territorial gain and maintaining the loyalty of the people.

Leaders. Leaders are the military commanders of the armies, and can lend their command bonuses to garrisons of population centers as well. This is one area where our game exceeds other online war games in that we combine great online rpg play in our online multiplayer game. New Leaders may emerge after an army engages in battle. A new leader emerging is more likely after victorious and hard fought battles. All Leaders may also win promotion after battle, advancing their rank. All leaders risk death and wounds in battle. Leaders who are wounded provide no combat bonus until they are healed to normal health. How is that for meshing best attributes of online war games with online rpg? The leader ranks are as follows, from low to high: Centurion; Captain; Captain Major ; Tribune; General; Commander; Marshal; Marshal Victor; Imperator; Warlord. Leaders in our online rpg are also the characters capable of recruiting brigades of Heruli or Burgundian mercenaries, and very experienced leaders may train less experienced leaders, thereby increasing their rank. The leaders of a legion are excellent warriors themselves, and it is they that investigate Unusual Sightings, battling ferocious guardians protecting valuable artifacts and other loot in great online rpg style. Leaders are the only class of characters who wield the artifacts of Fall of Rome with effect. These powerful weapons, armor, or healing artifacts can have a profound effect on any battle. Yet another terrific online rpg component of Fall of Rome!
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Agents. Agents undertake espionage, counter-espionage, and intelligence gathering missions. In our online rpg, they are assassins and thieves as well. Agents are classified by their level of expertise, the higher the level, the better the agent. Agents can be trained to increase their proficiency and also may increase their level through succeeding in the more difficult covert actions, those where they face significant danger, increasing the online rpg factor. The highest ranking agents are likely the most dangerous characters in the world. This is an aspect of online rpg you don’t often see in online multiplayer games.

The High Priestess. All kingdoms begin the campaign with a High Priestess, yet another unique character in our online rpg. The High Priestess is capable of divining information far beyond the capabilities of agents in the field. The High Priestess puts her mind through incredible stress in undertaking divinations. In our online rpg, A divination will cause a High Priestess to become “Weary” as her health status. In this health status, she may still undertake divinations, but then may become “Exhausted” which means she must rest to become Weary. A High Priestess is a key strategic asset in our strategy games, and she is unique to this online rpg, Fall of Rome.
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Warriors. Warriors in Fall of Rome include infantry, missile troops, and cavalry. Those three major troop categories are themselves divided into at least four sub-types in each category. For example, within infantry, there are light, medium, heavy, and guards (the best) infantry in our online war games. Generally, light troops move faster and have fewer weapons and armor than heavy troops, but the best class in each category have both reasonable mobility and superior armor, although these are never had in large numbers. Warriors are not individual characters in the game, but form fighting groups like patrols, companies, brigades, divisions, and armies. In this online rpg, brigades increase experience, morale, and speed as they win battles in our online rpg. Sign up now!
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