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  Discover Centurion on the Way to Fall of Rome

New to episodic strategy games? Centurion introduces you to the military side of Fall of Rome in a brief, exciting contest. Through this experience you will learn how to wage war, choose tactics and execute battles, move your legions in all the ways Fall of Rome provides, recruit mercenary brigades, and recover powerful artifacts from the mythology of Celt, Norse, and Greco-Roman cultures. In a game that lasts about an hour, you will conquer villages, towns and cities, eliminate the legions of your foes, and defeat powerful guardians of important artifacts.

The first time you play, you will be in our tutorial version of Centurion. We recommend players try Centurion before playing Fall of Rome. Once you have completed this tutorial version that hopes to teach you the basics of the game interface and how to issue commands, the turn cycle concept, and how to retrieve your battle reports, you’ll be ready for Fall of Rome. Moreover, you can play Centurion whenever you wish at no cost! Centurion is a good place to test your skill and tactics against AI in a brief game that doesn’t count in the standings.

Centurion offers the purely military aspects of Fall of Rome. New players will learn the game interface, while all players will fight many battles, try various tactics and hone their strategies for the military side of Fall of Rome. Although Centurion doesn’t provide the political, covert, or economic aspects of Fall of Rome, and little of the diplomacy, it is a blitz: this quick turnaround nine turn game for one to five players is complete in about an hour! Play Centurion free after establishing your account.

Centurion is perfect for players who:
  • Are ready to first dip their toe into the superior gaming system we provide before their first full game of Fall of Rome begins, or;
  • Want an action-packed, fun, one-evening encounter, or;
  • Are experienced and looking to test new strategies or tactics before risking them in a full Fall of Rome campaign.
Centurion is to Fall of Rome as Lightning Chess is to Chess! The rapid pace puts a squeeze on planning in this abbreviated game, and also limits the inter-player diplomacy that is a hallmark of Fall of Rome. Don’t let this frustrate you. In exchange for this, you get a quick introduction to the game system, and Centurion play is free to Fall of Rome players. Bear in mind that Fall of Rome is far more robust and will challenge your thinking and strategy on political, covert, economic and diplomatic fronts in ways that Centurion cannot. Although it is impossible to match the tension, drama and anticipation of Fall of Rome in a game decided in a single evening, even the best Fall of Rome players occasionally want the visceral release of unrestrained rampaging that a quick hit of Centurion provides. And the adrenalin rush of the time pressure has its own allure.

The backbone of the Roman legion was indisputably the Centurion. These were the best of the veterans of the army, they who had proven their mettle and honor through conspicuous valor over decades of campaigning in proud service. They committed their life to the legion. Julius Caesar remarked he could easily stand the loss of (higher ranking) Tribunes from the Roman aristocracy, but the loss of a single Centurion was felt as a tremor throughout the legion. Centurions gained wide-spread reputations and army commanders would pay handsomely to have the best of them attached to their own legions. Carpe’ Diem!

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