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Battle Reports in our online war games

Never before have you seen battle reports in online war games such as you are about to see! Had your fill of fake blood and fizzling sprites instead of a real battle report in your online war games ? You’ve come to the right place! Read these battle reports taken from actual turns in our Fall of Rome online war games. Enjoy!

Legion Vs Legion Battle in our online war games
Click the link above to see a sample of our battle reports involving one army against another in our online war games. See how many important battle factors included in our online war games are ignored by our surface level “competitors”? Leadership, morale, warrior experience, terrain, tactics, maneuverability, weaponry and armor all factor into the battle outcome, and you get a detailed report of how all phases in our online war games battles were waged, waiting for you each time you battle!

Assault on a Citadel on our online war games
Our battle system is realistic. In our online war games, you’ll find medium and heavy infantry much more effective attacking fortified positions than is cavalry of any stripe, for example. Sheer numbers of warriors in our online war games are but one of dozens of factors influencing the outcome of any battle. Click on the link above to see a difficult assault on a heavily fortified city in our online war games.

Battles at Unusual Sightings in our online war games
Who can know which myth is really a forgotten truth? Though our online war games are not fantasy games, we do have some cool “what if” components, like assuming the myths and legends of the time may have had a basis in real history. Each Unusual Sighting your patrols or agents uncover have within a powerful artifact from the legends of the times. By the way, they are each protected by powerful guardians from the mythology of the period as well. Here, the Spear of Destiny is guarded by The Hydra and battle ensues!




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